10 Fun Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

10 Fun Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running



Does running bore you? Worse – does the idea of doing it drive you further under the blankets with your ice cream and remote? Well, there are alternatives that will get you in better shape, burn more calories in the process, and – bonus – continue to burn those calories while you’re watching TV.

See, the thing is, running is not the most efficient way to exercise for overall fitness, or even for weight loss. Running burns a lot of calories in-the-moment, but because it doesn’t increase muscle as well as other exercises, the calorie burning ends when your running session does. Muscle burns calories, so exercises that build muscle throughout the body continue to burn calories when you’re resting. So, unless you’re addicted to that runner’s high, there are exercises that will not only work better for you, but that are more fun to do as well. Some are even lifestyles. Click the link to find out what they are!