Incredible Health Benefits Of Banana Flower most do not know about!

Incredible Health Benefits Of Banana Flower most do not know about!



Did you know that the consumption of banana flower has numerous health benefits? Well, it does, and some of the most excellent of them include:

– Treating anemia

– Lowering the high blood pressure

– Relieving constipation

– Healing ulcers

– Regulating the menstrual cycle

– Strengthening the uterus

– Improving the function of the kidneys

– Improving the state of people who suffer from diabetes and lactating moms

Here is a recipe for a banana flower curry and a guide for its preparation. You can consume this curry in order to improve your overall health, especially if you suffer from one of the abovementioned health issues:

– Start by taking a pan and put two tablespoons of oil in it

– Then, add a few mustard seeds into it, and wait until they sputter

– Once the seeds have sputtered, add several sliced green onions and chilies and fry them good

– Next, add the banana flower to the mixture in the pan

– In order to improve the taste, as well as to add to the healing properties of the mixture, add some salt, coriander, curry leaves, and turmeric

– Once you have added the spices, pour some water in the pan and then put a lid over it, leaving it like that for a while

– After some time, open the lid and add some crushed coconut to the curry, stirring the mixture well

– This is it, and now your Banana Flower Curry is ready for consumption